Big udders, thick thighs, wide hips, thin waist, big round ass, and the mentality of a good breeding cow!
Such Titties! We Got Your Eye Candy!
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Boobygirl's FAQ & BIO
Vital Stats

Really Big Titties




Name: Boobygirl

Measurements: Guess My Bra Size, 5'7"

Favorite Things: Knee Pads, Dog Collars, Clothes Pins, Hand Cuffs, Doggy
Style, Pearl Necklaces, and PROTEIN MILK SHAKES!

Turn-ons: Strong Hands, Muscular Forearms, Measuring Throbbing Erections,
Confidence, Tall, Dark, and Handsome Men, Smell of Men's Locker Rooms, and
Massive Quantities of Sperm!

Turn-offs: Dishonesty, Selfishness, Whining, and Bad Breath.
What I am! The questions I'm asked the Most!

What people are saying:
"I was just at your site and damn girl.. You just turn me on with your words, let alone your sexy body.. I know tonight I am going to have dreams of burying my cock in your massive titties!! Ahhhhh....."

"Saw your pics and my knees just went weak. My cock began to twitch and throb for you. My palms itched wanting to cup and hold your beautiful breasts.. I wanted to make love to you for hours - not fuck - but make love - worship..
You are what a woman should be."

"Boobygirl, i think you have a wonderful pair boobs, and you have a nice ass also. i think you are very sexy and fine as hell. and i like seeing you butt naked it really turns me on. i hope you show nude pics and I'll keep on looking."

"I absolutely love your big fuckin' utters. I'd love to be at one end of you pumping while another hung stud pumps you from the other end, making your gigantic tits sway back and forth faster and faster until we both cum at the same time filling your sexy ass and deep throat with hot, sticky, creamy love sperm. I'd love to see your big ass tits all tied up so they stick straight out also."
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What's your Bra size?
     This is by far the question I get asked the most!  And I guess it's going to continue to be so, since I have decided not to divulge that information just yet.  Anyone interested in guessing can do so HERE.
Are your Breasts Real?
     Just so everyone knows for the record, my Really Big Titties are God-given, 100% Natural, 100% Real.  They also would give me black eyes if I didn't wear a bra made like a missile complex.  I have to wear a bra more than I'd like, but with cans like mine, I have little choice.  I really only go braless for the4 S's:  Sleeping, Showering, Sexxxing, and showing off!

     By the way, any basketball or football teams interested in MEATing me, email me at:

Do you have sensitive Nipples?
     My Nipples are my favorite part of my big titties!  They are very sensitive and are directly connected to my pussy, they also get hard enough to cut glass!  I often orgasm while people play with my tits.

     My Nipples are also very durable and respond well to all forms of stimulation.  I love to have my nipples tugged on, pulled, pinched, sucked on, nibbled on, and often use clothes pins and hot wax on them.

What's your Favorite Sexual Position?
     Just for the record, I was designed to spend a lot of time on my hands and knees.  With that said, obviously my favorite sexual position is DOGGIE STYLE!

     I can go for hours on my knees and elbows, my massive udders hanging so heavily my nipples are dragging on the mattress or floor under the weight of all my free hanging tit flesh!  All the while, my ass is in the air, the backs of my thighs and ass cheeks making perfect pushin' cushions for guys to pound into while they take turns pumping the tight pink holes at the bottom of my pelvis while others work their dongs in my face.

Do you like to be Tit-Fucked?
     I love to be Tit-Fucked!  In fact, one of my favorite things to do is to suck and lick a guy's dong while he fucks my big fucking titties.

     I also love to have guys take turns pumping my cleavage while the others use their hard ons to make me air tight.  More on that later.

Do you consider yourself a whore?
     I am MOST DEFINITELY a WHORE.  I am a Big Tittied Fuck Whore!  What better thing for a buxom girl to be?  I encourage men to treat me like the Bitch In Heat I am! 

     My idea of a party is to go to basketball games and then go to a motel with the team.  I show up in a short skirt, a scoop-neck halter top (NO BRA) a pair of platform pumps and knee pads.  They put a dog collar on me and take turns pumping my abundant cleavage and tight pink holes simultaneously.

     By the way, any basketball or football teams interested in MEATing me, email me at:

What is your deepest darkest fantasy
     Just in case you didn't know, I am a complete, utter, and total Big Black Cock whore!  I also love Black Men Sperm!  And my ultimate fantasy is to have groups and groups of Hung Black Studs keep me alive on nothing but piping hot Luscious Loads of Black Men Sperm! 

     And we're talking days here where I eat nothing but Black Men Sperm!  And I'm being gangbanged all the while, with my really big titties being sucked and played with by multiple Black Studs at the same time!

Do you like having such really big tits?
     Yes, I love having tits that are this big.  Very much so.  They have their drawbacks, but what doesn't?  So, after you take into account all the tits for tats, pardon the pun, I love having really big titties like I do.
Ok, good answer.  Now tell me why?
     Because it makes men want to fuck me.  Do you want to fuck me?  I'll fuck you.  I love to suck cock.  Here, let me get down on my knees. 

~ to be continued ~

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